Subject: Commission Request for [Your Name]

Commission Type: (Bust/Waist/Full-body/Full Illustration)

Subject of Commission & References:

Email for PayPal Invoice:

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For work inquiries feel free to not use this format


My prices are just an estimate and change with details of the illustration.​ Amount and complexity of characters, along with background detail determine the price.

Full Illustration:

Digital character design /full painting style ranges $100~$800 depending on style, complexity. Ink/pencil sketch illustrations range from $50~ $100. Single page comic/manga styled ink illustrations range around $60-200.

Check Illustration tab for examples.

​Concept Art:

Ranges from $100-400 based on complexity.

Character Artwork:

Bust: $50 - Half-body: $100 – Full-body: $150-200

These will have simple or no background, please have a look at the examples below. These are digital paintings, the pieces do not have line art/outlined edges.

Character Design Sheet:

No background, either front and back, or front, side and back of a character design, ranges from $100-$300 depending on complexity of design. I can do any creatures/race–humans, anthropomorphic figures, fantastical races, animal/creature designs.


 ▪ Commissions are for personal use only unless otherwise discussed.  

 ▪ I am allowed to post the artworks on my social media unless stated in the request. May incur additional privacy fee.

 ▪ Refunds are allowed to be requested if commission has not been started. No refunds otherwise.

 ▪ Payment in full must be received before I begin the artwork. Partial payment can be discussed. Prices are in USD.

 ▪ I am allowed to decline any commission requests. 

 ▪ Requests likely to be denied: NSFW. 

 ▪ NSFW will cost more.

 ▪ If you want a commission of a real person (eg. based off a photo) feel free to contact me about it but if I think the person won’t suit my style it may be declined.

 ▪ ​Generally the commission will take from a few days to a month and a half depending on how long my queue is and how complex your request/character(s) are.​

I usually send at least one update while I am working on the commission to make sure my client is satisfied with how the piece is going so far. I can also can tweak the piece some after finishing to make sure the piece is just right.